Studio hire (Monday to Friday)

  • Day rate (9am – 6pm) £650 SPECIAL OFFER £495
  • Overtime (before 9am & after 6pm):  £100 per hour

Weekend hire (Saturday and Sunday)

  • Day rate (9am – 6pm) £750:   SPECIAL OFFER £495
  • Book the Full Weekend:   SPECIAL OFFER £850
  • Overtime (before 9am & after 6pm):  £150 per hour

Additional costs

The infinity cove is always supplied as is (white), unless you specifically request otherwise. The floor is also provided white, but may have light use marks.  We do repaint often but this is not guaranteed for your booking.

PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE IF YOU MUST HAVE THE FLOOR FRESHLY WHITE FOR YOUR SHOOT. If you require the floor to be pristine white, there is an additional charge of £150.

If on completion of the hire period either the cove or floor need repainting back to white, the costs are:

  • Re-painting floor – £150
  • Re-painting cove – Quoted depending on colour

Using our excellent network of trusted suppliers we are able to arrange most extra equipment you may need. Please allow 7 days’ notice if you need us to arrange this for you.

All hire charges must be paid for prior to the hire period – ie. in advance. Cancellation less than 7 days prior to the booking will be charged at full rate.

All prices exclude VAT at the current rate.